Who are we ?

Lena Door has been operating in the wood panel industry for approximately 12 years. It is one of the most prominent companies in this sector with innovation, developments and broad vision. The integrated production facility, which is established on 10.000 m2 closed area, is continuously supported and developed with new machines of the latest technology. The importance given to the human factor is reflected in the production care, and every product is a proof of our expertise.

Interior Doors

Interior Door Models that complement your modern spaces with their aesthetic lines.

Steel Doors

It suits your nobility with its safety, long life, impact-resistant structure, texture and simple appearance.

Kitchen Cupboard

Rediscover Your Home with the aesthetic understanding of the modern age, Creative and Original Kitchen Designs.

Bathroom Cabinet

Functional, Aesthetic, Spacious, Modern and Unique Bathroom Cabinet Models that Reflect Your Soul

LENA DOOR all products

with national and international quality

he intends to make his mark on the world.

LENA DOOR, which has opened its doors to the world with its integrated factories established in 3 countries, especially Turkey and Algeria, and sales representatives in 26 countries, intends to mark all its products with LENA DOOR quality.


%100 Customer Satisfaction

Lena Door, which offers products and services within the framework of national and international quality standards with 100% customer satisfaction, is taking firm steps forward on this path with its expert and experienced team.

Our company will continue its investments in the wood sector by using the quality and technology experience it has created in the sector. Developing new products and production processes and entering new markets are just some of the goals that our company will achieve in the coming period.


 Quality and Reliability

Its quality and reliability, its products being appreciated by consumers in all markets it enters; It has managed to become a symbol of reliability for its country, customers and dealers.

As the Rem Ahsap family, we would like to meet you on this path where we always want to get better and compete with ourselves.